7 Different Types Of Fishing Rods & Poles – How to Choose a Fishing Rod?

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Different Types of Fishing Rods: Fishing is a very common activity practiced by different kinds of people from different parts of the world. It is basically an activity wherein one catches fish by means of several instruments such as fishing reels, fishing rods, and of course by means of mechanism.

Fishing has spread vastly socially as well as economically. It turned out to be one of the most famous and popular occupations of all time. Hunting fishes are a major source of income for a wide range of American families.

They earn their livelihood by catching fish and selling them in national or international markets. There are some people who love fishing and practice it since it is their hobby.

Different Types of Fishing Rods

Catching fish may sound very easy, but it is not as easy as it seems to be. It involves a lot of effort and dedication. One cannot achieve success in one go, he has to through several stages of failure and trials. He has to be patient enough to wait for success.

Previously, fishing techniques were not as modern as now. They were backdated. Hence, technological outgrowth was not at all strong. This is the reason why fishing was not given much importance.

But this ideology totally changed when fishing through modern tools and techniques brought a greater reputation. Also, fishing by means of modern techniques makes it easier to practice. Fishing is a worldwide practice.

People from the entire world share this platform by adopting several techniques. They also get accustomed to a variety of tactics. It is the most popular occupation and a large amount of economic growth took place as a result.

However, fishing reels have been on trend since ancient times, but it marked their advancement in recent days. Previously people used to practice fishing by the use of handmade devices. But now it is easier to hunt fish by means of different categories of fishing reels.

If you search properly, then you’ll find the fishing reels of your choice; there are several types of them that are used for various purposes. However, a lot of debate has taken place based on fishing and topics related to fishing which somehow were not given much importance. The debate is not prevalent now. Restoration of peace has been maintained.

Fishing rods have contributed much to the field of fishing. Honestly, it gave a new dimension to fishing in a greater sense. It has made fishing a rapid practice that too very easily. Today we will have a discussion about the different varieties of fishing rods and their utility in the field of fishing.

What are the Different Types of Fishing Rods?

Here are the seven most common types of fishing rods:

  1. Fly Rods
  2. Casting Rods
  3. Spinning Rods
  4. Telescopic Rods
  5. Trolling Rods
  6. Surf Rods
  7. Ice Fishing Rods

List with 7 Different Types of Fishing Rods

Fishing rods are tools that act greatly in the field of fishing. They help in the procedure of casting. We have to keep in mind several aspects when we talk about fishing rods. Given below are the various types of fishing rods.

1. Fly Rods

fly rods

Fly rods are uniquely designed to catch artificial flies. It generally contains a hook that is tied with fur, foam, feather, etc as well as a varied range of lightweight materials.

Fly rods are basically made up of composite materials that are man-made. It is made up of yew, green heart, and later split bamboo originally. Generally, the split bamboo rods are tagged as the most classic ones.

They are the most fragile ones as well. In order to last for a greater period of time, they need to be taken good care of.

On the basis of modern manufacturing policy, fly rods have a carbon-graphite base in them. The graphite is placed in a very sophisticated pattern so that the rod does not get stressed while flattening.

The amount of flexes that the rod makes is keenly determined by the degree of the taper. The amount of flexes of the rod is inversely proportional to that of its speed.

Fly rods consist of a single-diameter large guide with the association of smaller looped guides. In most of the fly rods, there is no or very little presence of a butt section in order to stop interference with casting movements.

A Spey rod is a type of fly rod that consists of an elongated rear handle. Its utility lies in the hunting of salmon in large rivers with the use of a two-handed casting technique.

2. Casting Rods

casting rods

A casting rod is mainly designed with the purpose of efficient fishing in running streamline or open water. They are highly effective in this case. The rod is characterized by the allowance of the bait to posture the hook so that it does not turn out to be a very hectic job to lure the fish.

In order to buy casting rods, you will be exposed to its two subdivisions. They are the following:-

  • Baitcasting Rods

While looking through a baitcasting rod, we will get to notice a lot of multiple small eyes specifically the one which is situated just near the reel. They are in turn considered to be great alternatives to spinning rods.

They are well known for their versatile nature. If we talk about amateurs, it is said that they do not seem to prefer baitcasting rods. The combination of a baitcasting reel and a baitcasting rod is a major turn-off for them.

If they are not handled properly, it may result in tangling on the spool. But if you seem to be an experienced angler, you will be given the provision of greater accuracy while you are casting.

You will also be offered more amount of control while you are handling or hunting fish.

  • Spin Casting Rods

Spin casting rods are mainly marked by the presence of multiple small eyes consisting of a big one in proximity to the reel. For the conjunction procedure, the large eye is to be made use of with the association of spin casting reel for the rod to finally reap the final results which you are hunted by you.

They are marked with the provision of forefinger grip triggers. Previously, I have mentioned several characteristics of baitcasting rods. They differ from spin casting rods to some extent. But in modern days, these rods have become out of fashion and are not as common as before.

3. Spinning Rods

Spinning Rod

It is certainly not an easy task to differentiate between casting rods and spinning rods. You will only be able to do the needful if you have a minimum amount of experience in fly fishing.

Spinning rods and casting rods differ a lot, to be honest. If we hold both the rods together, that is spinning rods and casting rods, we will notice that either of them is lighter. But it is too short-lasting. The whole rod is characterized by a large eye.

The size and length of the rod are variable. It ranges from four feet to nine feet. The most common type of rod of all time is the spinning rod. It is considered to be very much versatile in nature because a spinning reel is attached under it making it really effective while catching fish.

A spinning rod is highly effective in catching large, medium, and small-sized fishes that too from the shore. It is very much suitable when it comes to boating and kayak fishing.

The number of eyes is totally dependent on the length of the spinning rod. The number of eyes ranges from 5 minimum to nine maximum. Another great feature is to be taken note of, spinning rods are marked with the suspension of reels under the rods.

This process is effective in reducing pressure and comforting the process of casting. These types of rods are widely used in North America. Moreover, the continent of Europe is a great supporter of spinning rods. They are more specifically used for the purpose of trolling.

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4. Telescopic Rods

Telescopic Rod

To be honest, the telescopic rods are designed with the purpose or intention of collapsing down to a short length and get exposure to a long rod. If closely looked at, it is generally 6 or 9m.

Thus, this in turn makes the telescopic rods capable enough to transport to remote areas or travel on buses, public busses as well as structured cars with much ease and comfort. With respect to conventional multi-piece rods, the construction of the telescopic fishing rods is no different.

That is, they are made up of the same materials as the conventional multi-piece rod. In order to slip into each other, carbon, graphite, and at times fiberglass or composites of these materials are mainly designed for the purpose of slipping into each other so that they are effective in opening or closing.

The end section of spinning rods is made very tough and stronger. In telescopic fishing rods, there is the availability of a varied range of grade eyes. These are available in conventional rods as well. The eyeless Tenkara-style rods are typically made from carbon and graphite which eventually resemble this type of style.

In comparison with other fishing rods, the care for telescopic fishing rods is no different, that is, it is the same. The only difference lies in a particular aspect, that is, one is not really meant to open the telescopic rod in a manner.

This is because the rod whips a closed rod into the open position in a very rapid manner. When one closes the rod, a twisting motion is somehow noticed at the time of pushing the sections together. These types of rods are often noticed as having tip covers. This is basically effective in the protection of the tip and guiding it.

5. Trolling Rods

Trolling Rod

The method of fishing involves casting a lure or bait to the back of a moving boat. So that it is able to pull the bait through water is commonly known as trolling.

Any type of casting or spinning rod can be used for the purpose of trolling with respect to medium freshwater game fishing. Trolling rods are generally objected to ocean and Great Lakes salmon as well as steelhead fishermen.

It is said that the manufacturers led to the development of trolling rods 30 years back and sold them. In general, a trolling rod is meant to have a very rapid action because it is not desirable to troll with a troll showing slow actions. On the other hand, if it is a fast rod, the entire process is carried out rapidly.

Later, a philosophical approach came into existence during the 1940s and the early 1950s. The corporation namely the now-defunct Temper corporation which was a maker of garden tools led to the marketing of a queue of trolling rods  4.5-to-5-foot length.

These turned out to be square in cross-section. These trolling rods are made up of tempered steel. All manufacturers dedicate, or to be more precise, invest their efforts in making trolling rods because great Lakes sport fishing is becoming more popular day by day.

Its hype is increasing considerably. For trolling purposes, the requirements of a good casting or spinning rod are enough.

6. Surf Rods

Surf Rod

Surf fishing is very much enjoyable if you are carrying with you the exact fishing rod required for surf fishing. Yes, it is the surf rods that are required for surf fishing.

It cannot be ever denied that surf rods are the best and ideal for this kind of fishing. It is characterized by a long size so that the casting can be done far away. It is also a very thick and compact rod having its own unique patterns and structure.

Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to be worried about the surf movement. The rod does not even range anywhere between 12 feet to 15 feet. It totally depends on your casting style or spinning pattern.

At times, surf rods do contain a heavy sinker. This is because when you are willing to cast the line into the wave, it maintains its flow of it and checks upon it so that it does not float or bob in the moving water.

The long keg is basically meant for casting the line by holding the rod in your two hands. Then, the only point is you need to have a vast knowledge about it, that is you need to have a certain level of experience in order to use these long and agile fishing rods.

7. Ice Fishing Rods

Ice Fishing Rod

I do not think I would ever be able to come up with an explanation, but there is something about ice fishing, something so pleasant and heavenly. The prevalence of the chilled and pleasant environment associated with snow will lead to the enhancement of the overall fishing experience when you are willing to bait the fish swimming in the cold water below you.

In order to enjoy fishing on ice, it is important to carry an ice fishing rod with you. Ice fishing is marked by the inclusion of drilling a small hole in the edges of the ice. Ice fishing rods are generally very small. Their length is about 25 to 37 inches. They are basically short.

Classic ice rods are still on-trend. They did not lose out on their popularity. Actually, ice rods are marked with the very presence of a wooden handle as well as a couple of line guides, and two opposing hooks mounted ahead of the handle just for the purpose of hand winding the line around.

Ice rods play great roles in penetrating the holes and fishing through them. One disadvantage can be that ice rods cannot be used otherwise. The very significance of this sentence cannot be denied since ice rods contain zero meaning without the presence of ice or snow.

If we are talking about a short rod, the fact that it means fewer eyes automatically crosses our minds. This is the exact scenario of investing in ice fishing rods. To be honest, ice fishing rods do not contain a reel if it is a classic one.

It consists of two opposing hooks that are certainly put to use. These hooks are adjusted on the rod. This basically provides the allowance of winding the line manually, that too with the use of your hands.

Wrapping It Up

Thus, in conclusion, I would end up saying that fishing has been on trend these days. If you are successful in accepting and applying different fishing techniques, then you can attain a huge amount of economic growth.

Not only in the USA, but fishing has acquired its position in the entire world. To be honest, it is important to hunt fish by the means of fishing rods and reels to make it a more rapid process. However, fishing reels and rods have undoubtedly made the whole process easier and more comfortable.

Also, it is important to use different types of fishing reels and rods for different purposes and situations. Fishing is still one of the most popular and common occupations since it does not require any educational degree.

It requires hard work, passion, and techniques, that is it. In international markets, fishermen living near the river banks have been praised sincerely to a huge extent. Somehow, all the fishermen represent rivers and plain lands.

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