Spinning Reel Sizes Chart – How to Choose the Right Size Spinning Reel

Whenever we go fishing, spinning reels becomes very important for the activity. A spinning reel is something that actually defines the efficiency of the fishing rod. Hence, one should never companies with the quality and the size of a spinning reel.

Spinning Reel Size

There are people who usually get confused while choosing a size of spinning reel to attach to their fishing rods. Well, choosing the right size of a spinning reel is definitely an important thing to do and it is not at all confusing once you are aware of the significance of each size.

What Size Spinning Reel Do I Need?

There are basically two systems in which you can see the spinning reel sizes. One of the two starts the size with 10, 20, 30, and so on whereas, the second system takes the size as 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. An individual should not get confused about these sizes because they are very easy to identify.

You may find it complicated at once but later on. It would become very easy for you to grab these sizes and select the right one according to your needs. Size 10 is similar to size 1000 and likely, size 20 is similar to size 2000 and so on. You can see here that in the sizes, what matters is the only first digit of the size.

The mentioned zeros after every digit in a size do not make any difference. Hence, it is very easy to consider and understand a size.

Spinning Reel Sizes Explained

The next thing in which usually people get confused is the significance and use of each size of spinning reels. Yes, each and every size has significance and not all sizes are to be used equally.

Spinning Reel Size Chart

The spinning reel sizes are divided into three categories and they are as follows:-

1. Small sized spinning reels (1000 – 3500)

If you are hunting for a small fish, then getting a small-sized spinning reel would be a better option. This small spinning reel size ranges from size 1000 to 3500. If you are having a spinning reel size chart of a different system, it would range from 10 to 35.

A small spinning reel size is used when an individual is looking forward to fishing in a freshwater body and moreover, aiming for a small-sized fish. It is the spinning reel only that helps an individual to catch a fish.

Therefore, if the size of your spinning reel is right, then you would be able to catch the right-sized fish which you were aiming for.

2. Medium sized spinning reels (4000 – 5500)

The next size chart includes a medium sized spinning reel which ranges from 4000 to 5500. This size is suitable for fishing in medium saline water that is the water body which is a medium range of salty water and contains normal fishes of medium size only.

If you are buying the right size of the spinning reel then you would surely be able to aim for the right size of the fish. Apart from the size of the fish, this medium sized spinning reel can be used for a fishing rod of around 7-8 feet long. All the species that are medium in size can be caught using a spinning reel size of 4000-5500.

Therefore, make sure that the size of the spinning reel you are choosing for your fishing rod should be as per your needs and requirements.

3. Large sized spinning reels (6000 – 30000)

To target the large waterbody species, the best spinning reel size would be 6000-30,000. This comes under the category of large sized spinning reels. If you are fishing in salty water bodies, then the large size of the spinning reel would make your fishing rod more effective.

It would help you to catch the large sized fishes which are heavy in with very easily and conveniently. If you are owning a fishing rod longer than 8 feet, then the large sized spinning reel would be perfect for making your fishing rod effective and efficient.

You can catch a fish or species of weight more than 150 pounds using a spinning reel whose size ranges from 6000 and above that.

So above was the size of spinning reels that are suitable for multiple sizes of fishing rods. An individual should make sure that the size of a spinning reel is very important to get considered because it is the only tool of the fishing rod which plays a very essential role in fishing.

This spinning reel can make your fishing activity more effective and help you to catch the fish of the right size in a very short span of time without much struggle.

You would be amazed to know that if you are becoming successful while choosing the right size of a spinning reel, then hold off your fishing activity is done because a spinning reel can really help you to catch fish in the most convenient manner.

It would make your fishing rod very efficient in catching and holding fish. If you are choosing a large size of a spinning reel, then catching large species is no more a big deal. Even if you are fishing in saline water and amazing for a fish that weighs more than 150 pounds, then a large size of the spinning reel would be perfect for your fishing rod.

Apart from the size of fish, there are multiple other factors as well that are to be considered while selecting the spinning reel size. People usually think that they can choose any size of a spinning reel for fishing but actually this is a very wrong connotation regarding a spinning reel.

The quality of fishing activity and the efficiency of the fishing rod totally depends upon the size of the spinning reel hence, one must consider the following mentioned factors while selecting the spinning reel size:

  • Size of fish you are aiming for
  • Quality of water bodies such as freshwater bodies, saline water bodies, lakes, ponds, etc.
  • Line strength
  • Size of the fishing rod
  • The material of the fishing rod

These were some of the factors that are to be considered when selecting a size of a spinning reel. Individuals who are all set for fishing must now get the right size of a spinning reel and aim for the fish they wish to catch right in any kind of water body.

Whether it is a large water body or a small pond or lake, a perfect size a spinning reel can help you to catch all kinds of fish with any weight without any difficulty and hustle.

What is the best size spinning reel for bass fishing?

Wherever you go for bass fishing, it becomes very complicated to choose the right size of a spinning reel. It creates a lot of confusion while going for bass fishing because it is a medium range of fish and selecting a perfect spinning reel for this is way too crucial and complicated as well.

Usually, people misunderstand fishing and end up buying spinning reels of sizes around 4000-4500. This is considered the wrong size of a spinning reel for bass fishing.

It is usually a big one for fishing or bass. The right and the most suitable size of a spinning reel for bass fishing should range from 2500-3000. In this size of a spinning reel, you would be able to catch the perfect-sized fish without any difficulty.

Your fishing experience would become a memorable one if you are able to choose the right spinning reels. Hence, for bass fishing, spinning steel of size 2500-3000 is perfectly suitable and would make bass fishing very convenient and easy.

When choosing a reel size for bass fishing, you’re going to have five main options to pick from:

  • 1000 (10)
  • 2000 (20)
  • 2500 (25)
  • 3000 (30)
  • 3500 (35)

How to match a spinning reel with a rod?

Once you have decided to go fishing. Getting the right fishing tools is very important. There are numerous fishing tools and equipment available in the market. One should not choose their fishing equipment very casually because these are the fishing tools only on which the entire fishing activity depends.

The most useful tool for fishing is the fishing rod. There are multiple parts of a spinning rod that are responsible for effective fishing activity.

The most important part of the spinning rod is the reel. It is the reel only that makes the fishing rod works effectively and catch the fish. Hence, getting the right fishing rod and then buying a spinning reel that is perfectly suitable for fishing or you have already bought is very essential.

But, not everyone matters this act of buying a fishing rod and then catching it with the right size of a spinning reel. Those who are unknown about how to match a spinning reel with the fishing rod should go through the following steps:

1. Buy the right fishing rod

At the time when you have decided to go fishing, the first thing you should do is to buy the right size of a fishing rod. Usually, the ideal size of a fishing rod is nearly about 7 to 8. This size is very well suitable for catching small and medium-size fish and works very effectively.

Therefore, to begin with, the idea of fishing, one thing which is very crucial to do is to choose the right fishing rod which is effective and has all the parts of the rod working well in order to catch the fish in a short span of time and without any hustle and bustle.

2. Select the suitable size of a spinning reel

Once you have bought the fishing rod, the next step is to get the spinning reel. Usually, it becomes very confusing to get the right size of a spinning reel as per the fishing rod. But, once you look at the spinning reel size chart, you would understand which size of a spinning reel is perfect for the fishing rod that you have already bought.

The size of the fishing reel totally depends upon the type and size of the rod you have bought. Therefore, do not compromise with either of the two, otherwise, you may experience the worst Fishing ever. And if you are able to select the right spinning reel size, then you could enjoy the fishing at its best.

3. Reach offshore with a spinning reel and fishing rod

Now that you have bought both the reel and rod, the next thing you should do is to get ready for fishing and reach the offshore from where you are planning to do fishing. You can take your fishing rod and spinning reel along with you offshore so that you can match both of them and test the efficiency of the two together.

4. Match them together and test

After reaching the offshore, match both the spinning reels and fishing rod together and make it one unit of fishing equipment. The job of both tools is to be done together. Once you have matched both the tools, the next thing is to test them if they perfectly matched or not. If you have matched them together perfectly, then you are all set to go ahead with your fishing activity.

5. Your fishing rod is ready to catch fishes

Now that you have matched both the fishing rod and spinning reel, you are all set to go fishing and experience the joy and fun of fishing. If you have correctly matched the rod and reels, then you could catch a number of fishes and make your fishing experience a memorable and adventurous one.

Wrapping It Up

So above were some of the details regarding the spinning reel and spinning reel size chart. You could now get enough idea about the importance of choosing the right fishing rod and related spinning reel size. Therefore, do not get confused with the technicalities of the fishing rod and spinning reel and take it easy.

Once you will buy the right size of rod and reel considering your needs and requirements, you would be able to do fishing very conveniently. It is not at all a difficult or complicated thing to select the right size of a spinning reel.

All it requires is some patience and knowledge about the sizes available for a spinning reel. So get your very own spinning rod and reel right away and enjoy the fishing near the seashore.

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