The Top 7 Best Spinning Reel Under $100 Reviews In 2022

Buying a good spinning reel must be based on a deeper understanding of the features. But, that doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium price. You will get the Best Spinning Reel Under $100 in 2022 in the market today. Also, these spinning reels come packed with features suitable for most anglers.

Best Spinning Reel Under $100

While buying one, ensure that you are looking for quality and performance without being too expensive. Let’s get started with the discussion of the Best Spinning Reel Under $100.

The 7 Best Spinning Reels Under $100 in 2022 Compared

Here we have compared the top 7 best spinning reels under $100 of 2022:-

Best to Buy in 2022 Best to Buy in 2022
Daiwa BG Spinning Reel
  • Ball Bearings: 7
  • Gear Ratio: 5.3:1 – 5.7:1
  • Max drag (lb): 4.4 – 33
  • Weight (oz): 8.5 – 30
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Best Design Best Design
KastKing Sharky III
  • Ball Bearings: 11
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Max drag (lb): 13 – 39
  • Weight (oz): 6.9 – 10.5
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Best Looking Reel High-Quality
81ARLyEdS8L. AC SX569
Pflueger Supreme
  • Ball Bearings: 9
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1 – 6.2:1
  • Max drag (lb): 8 – 14
  • Weight (oz): 6.6 – 9.6
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Best Strength Best Strength
81p68CoN9zL. AC SX569
Pflueger President
  • Ball Bearings: 10
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Max drag (lb): 6 – 14
  • Weight (oz): 7.5-11.5
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Most Popular Most Popular
81U4UPymXRL. AC SX679
Penn Battle II
  • Ball Bearings: 6
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1 – 6.2:1
  • Max drag (lb): 9 – 30
  • Weight (oz): 8.1 – 30.2
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Best Budget Option Best Budget Option
81bxy5 GfGL. AC SX569
Abu Garcia Revo X
  • Ball Bearings: 7
  • Gear Ratio: 5.6:1 – 6.2:1
  • Max drag (lb): 14 – 18
  • Weight (oz): 7.9 – 13.3
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For Experts For Experts
Okuma Ceymar
  • Ball Bearings: 10
  • Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
  • Max drag (lb): 16 – 20
  • Weight (oz): 10.4 – 14.7
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The table above compares the most important specifications of the top 7 models of the spinning reel under 100 side by side.

Detailed Review Of The Best Spinning Reel Under 100

Now let’s take a look at each model in more detail:

  • Daiwa BG Spinning Reel
  • KastKing Sharky III
  • Pflueger Supreme
  • Pflueger President
  • Penn Battle II
  • Abu Garcia Revo X
  • Okuma Ceymar

1. Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

best spinning reel under 100Daiwa Synthetic Spinning Reel is Black/gold colored. The Handle Material is Aluminum. Weighing 0.25 Pounds, the Fishing Line that is braided can give you a competitive advantage while fishing. Also, get the enhanced support with the Bearing Material Aluminum. Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing Spinning Reel boasts the Hard Bodyz” Body & Side Cover. Also, it serves in the form of the Oversized Digigear. 

With this Spinning Reel, you can get the solid Screw-In Handle, Air Rotor, as well as the Dynamic Cut Aluminum ABS Spool. What makes it even better is that it has the Braided Line Ready Spool, Carbon ATD, Waterproof Drag System, and Line per Handle Turn of 37.4″. Get the advanced reel of Manual Return Bail that is 4500 and Larger. 

With that, also get the 6BB+1RB with the Gear Ratio of 5.6:1 and Drag Max of15.4. What makes it impressive and customized is that it has the Line Capacity (Lb. Test / Yards) within the customized measurement of 8/240, 10/200, 12/170 J-BRAID: 15/280, 20/240, 30/190. The fishing reel also boasts the Infinite Anti-Reverse System that is of the grade 4000 and Smaller.

  • Drag is smooth as silk 
  • The casting is impressive, with no wind knots effortlessly due to the giant gear
  • Nor appropriate for beginners

2. KastKing Sharky III

best spinning reel under 100
KastKing Graphite Sharky III reel comes with the Handle Material of Aluminum. Weighing 15 Ounces, the reel has the Bearing Material of Stainless Steel. NEXT-GEN design KastKing Sharky III spinning reels serve as the brand new reel. What makes it better is that it is built tough to land trophy fish in all fishing conditions. Also, what you will find favor with the fishing reel is that the Sharky III are superb lightweight fishing reels with a high percentage of fiber. 

What makes it even better is the reinforced graphite body and rotor! Sharky III spinning reel turns out to be the best-in-class, up to 39.5LBs. The support of the 18KG ensures that it will work with the smooth, reliable triple disc drag. Carbon fiber drag alongside the oversized stainless-steel main shaft ensures working fine. Also, get the competitive advantage with the stronger precision mesh manganese brass pinion gears. These are the features that make it favorable for more fishing muscles.

Sharky III spinning reel sealed with a KISS ensures offering the unique protection water-resistant design. What you will love the most with this reel is the spool, body, and rotor. Overall, it works to keep the water and dirt out. You will love the quiet yet smooth retrieve of this reel. Unique Shark Fin Braid turns out to be the best with the ready aluminum spool. So, there won’t be a need for the backing line when you are using it for spooling on the braid fishing line. 

Sharky III serves as the best quality spinning reel loaded with features, including saltwater-rated e-shielded stainless steel ball bearings, instant lock anti-reverse, aluminum handle, and more line capacity. The all-around spinning reel will be the best friend for every angler. Also, you can get advanced support with the High-Density EVA Grips that serve for complete slip-free control.  Also, you can get support with the exquisite braid-ready spool. Overall, you can get advanced support with the Fin braid fishing line spool. It can ensure the avoidance of the backing and prevent slipping.

  • Anti-Twist Line Roller ensures less chance of line tangles and snarls
  • The quality of the material is amazing 
  • Lightweight unit for the overall support
  • Durability isn’t up to the mark

3. Pflueger Supreme

81ARLyEdS8L. AC SX569
best spinning reel under 100
Pflueger Supreme reel that is made of Aluminum comes with the Ambidextrous hand Orientation. What you will appreciate the most with this reel is that you can get the multicolor choice. Also, the Handle Material of Aluminum and the weight of 0.04 Kilograms gives you the advantage. You can get the Aluminum bearing material. Ten bearing system, Machined aluminum braid-ready spool, magnesium frame, and sealed drag make it amazing. 

Overall, this reel serves as the high-quality classic, a high-quality spinning reel that turns out to be a real challenge for a beginner. However, the reel has always earned a high reputation on behalf of the experts. The extremely lightweight reel comes with first-class gearing and ball-bearing features.

A durable and high-performing reel is the most favorable during drags, casts, and cranks. Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel, however, doesn’t come with high caliber mechanisms. Well crafted ensures that it can give you high-end support. 

Also, the cranking is perfectly smooth and is perfectly aligned line-lay. Stainless steel Corrosion resistant ball bearings, Feather light design, Magnesium Body, and Rotor gives you the needed advantage. What you will love the most is that the unit serves as the Braid Ready Spool and completely allows the braid to get tied directly to the spool.

The smooth, reliable performance that it guarantees alongside the feather-light magnesium frame makes it the most favorable. Also, get enhanced support with the Sealed carbon washers. Overall, you can get a powerful drag that remains smooth. The coating of the reel makes the difference. Manganese as the outer cover, and handle that is durable ensures that the Pflueger supreme fishing reel decreases the weight even more. 

Well-configured drag that is completely directed towards precision turns out to be immensely beneficial for your needs. Smooth dragging effect until 13 to 15 lbs guarantees that the satisfaction for experts is high. Moreover, you can also configure it to the dragging force near 30 lbs. You can rest assured that the Casting is precise. With this reel, you can get an average casting of 110 yards with smooth effect and anti-slippage features.

Outstanding Gearing Function designed with the latest technology serves you better. What you will appreciate the most is the alignment of the line-lay configured with a computerized alignment method to deliver a smooth effect.

  • The body weighs 21% less than that of aluminum. Manganese reduces the surface weight.
  • Handle made from carbon again reduces the overall weight 
  • Excellent dragging and casting performance
  • Ten bearings are of stainless steel lubricated 
  • Smooth effect during cranking and casting
  • Casting face balancing issues during windy conditions

4. Pflueger President

81p68CoN9zL. AC SX569
best spinning reel under 100
Pflueger reel made of Aluminum serves with ambidextrous capabilities. Gold, Gray, Multicolor reel with stainless steel handle material serves better. Weighing 0.46 Pounds, the Pflueger President reel comes with stainless steel bearing material. What you will appreciate the most is that the reel has a seven-bearing System that serves as corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings. Also, it, gets advanced support due to the Graphite body and rotor. What makes it favorable is that it has a lightweight graphite reel construction. 

The reel serves as the braid-ready spool allowing Braid to stay directly to the spool. Also, with the reel, you can get the Sealed Drag System. That said, it is well designed with sealed drag washers, lubricated, and smooth. What makes it favorable is that it offers slow oscillation gearing, thus improving line lay and minimizing line twists. The Pflueger President has turned out to be the popular entry-level spinning reel. It is the most appropriately designed reel for general inshore fishing, both land-based and afloat. 

The great fishing experience that it offers makes it stand out. The budget-conscious angler who has been looking for an inshore option can rest assured that this reel is better than more expensive spinning reels. Competitive price points won’t compromise longevity. Adequate maintenance will ensure that the reel can be the best to operate in all seasons. However, sandy slurry and above the waterline, and you’re bound to extend its working life.

We can assure you that the casting manners are acceptable. Also, what makes it better is that the spool is braided-ready.  It is the best reel that is best for the family and light sports work. Be ready to enjoy the cool fishing experience for family fisher folk. The reel is the most suitable for versatility and endurance. 

Overall, the reel is a stylish-looking spinning reel. What you will appreciate the most is that it serves with the obligatory porting of a modern spool design. Also, the reel boasts the chunky bail adding a touch of robustness. 20, 25, 30, 35, and a 40 reel turn out to be the best selection.

You can use it for fishing in the fresh or saltwater. What makes it favorable for long-term use is that it comes with 10 Bearings and a Light Crank. Light and smooth reel ensure offering you bearing support.  The weight and Strength of this reel make it very favorable. Also, what you will love is the synthetic body and rotor keeping the weight down.

  • Ten bearing system
  • Graphite body and rotor
  • Braid ready spool
  • Impressive Sealed drag system
  • Soft-touch knob
  • Aluminum bail corrodes

5. Penn Battle II

81U4UPymXRL. AC SX679
best spinning reel under 100
Penn Battle II serves as the best reel that is a durable, high-range spinning reel. What makes it better is that it serves as the ideal unit for conquering big saltwater fish. What you will appreciate the most with this reel is that it comes with a full metal body, side plate, and rotor. Also, get the high-end support with the heavy-duty aluminum bail wire offering exceptional durability. 

To make the impact better, it serves you with foam grip pads. What you will appreciate the most is the fluid cranking with stainless steel ball bearings. Get enhanced support due to the instant anti-reverse bearing. You will love this superfine spool requiring no backing. Also, you can rest assured that this unit is braided ready and has line capacity rings marked at 1/3, 2/3. Also, these units exhibit full capacity. Get this unit that comes with a sturdy and durable body. What makes it favorable is that the unit favorable is that Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel has a robust shell. 

You can get suitable support even during fishing for some big game. The fishing reel withstands the weight of the catch. Sturdy and durable body o catch some considerable fish without damaging your fishing equipment. It serves as the extremely high-range Spinning Fishing Reel that is ideal for lakes, rivers, and the ocean. The high-range reel targets the fish swimming at any distance.

You will get the extra advantages with the sealed stainless steel ball bearings. The Penn Battle II has ball bearings made up of stainless steel. Thus, there won’t is the chances of rusting and corroding away. Stainless steel ball bearings with high-end protection from the saltwater ensure that the seal in an enclosed chamber will take care of it. Also, get extra support with the HT 10 Carbon Fiber Drag System. You will fall in love with the powerful drag through HT 10 carbon fiber drag system. 

No snag or catch due to the protected stainless steel ball bearings ensures that it supports your needs better. Also, get advanced support with the improved design of Reel. Now, it’s the perfect time for you to enjoy flawless and smooth reeling. New and improved Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel will be available in customized sizes like 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, and 8000.

  • Special Penn spinning reel grease ensures maximum smoothness
  • 20% more drag 
  • Easy to repair 
  • It takes less room in the trunk of a car
  • Limited colors and styles
  • Saltwater entering the stainless steel bearings damages it

6. Abu Garcia Revo X

81bxy5 GfGL. AC SX569
best spinning reel under 100
Abu Garcia Revo X is a well-designed reel that has six stainless steel HPCR bearings alongside the availability of one roller bearing providing increased corrosion protection. Also, you can get support with the Carbon matrix Hybrid drag System for offering super smooth, reliable drag performance. What you will appreciate the most with this unit is the IM-C6 body design. Also, you will appreciate the X-Crafty gearbox design. 

What makes it favorable is the lightweight construction offering the overall perfect alignment. Also, get enhanced support with the Lightweight graphite rotor. You will love this reel that has the Rocket line management System providing better control of all fishing line types.

The reel comes with amazing features, including a corrosion-resistant X2-Cräftic alloy frame. Also, get enhanced support with the Everlast Bail System, and HPCR bearings. Be ready to enjoy the great resistance against corrosion. Also, the mega support is available with the Alloy Frame. 

You can also use it in saltwater and freshwater. Get the excellent advantage with this fishing reel for the maximized support. You will appreciate the reel for the extended life. What makes it better is that the anglers operate this fishing reel without the vulnerabilities of wear and tear. Be ready to enjoy the high-end consistency in the quality and performance.

Seven bearings ensure to support your needs with the high-performance corrosion-resistant (HPCR) feature. The material coacting that comes with the reel ensures safeguarding the reel against corrosion.  A carbon matrix hybrid drag system ensures offering enhanced support with a highly reliable drag performance. X-Crafty gearbox design ensures reducing the reel’s weight. You will also love the reel that comes with the lightweight construction.

  • Reduced the surface weight.
  • Excellent dragging and casting performance
  • Overall smooth effect 
  • Vulnerabilities to issues during the windy conditions

7. Okuma Ceymar

best spinning reel under 100
The Corrosion-resistant Okuma Ceymar reel is perfect for light inshore needs. This is one of the best Ceymar spinning reels designed with a corrosion-resistant graphite body. What you will appreciate the most is the frame, side plates, and rotor. What you will appreciate the most is that the strength is amazing. Overall, the reel is equipped with machined aluminum, solid aluminum bail wire, 2-tone anodized spool alongside the black anodized handle design. 

You can rest assured that this entire unit is built to last. You will love the unit that exhibits incredible strength. Machine-cut brass pinion gear ensures that it can provide you with the needed support. Also, get the enhanced support with the smooth retrieve combined. Get advanced support with the seven stainless steel ball-bearing system. What you will appreciate is the multi-disc, Japanese drag system.

  • The multi-disc drag system is powerful
  • 7BB + 1RB ensures the ultimate smoothness
  • Anti-reverse quick-Set roller bearing
  • Precision cut pinion gear
  • Durability is less compared to other units

Buying Guide: How To Choose A Spinning Reel Under 100

Before buying a new spinning reel, you should know your budget first. After that, you should know your spinning reel size as well. Once the spinning reel budget and size are decided you have to look for some of the important features of the spinning reels. Here are the points that you will need to note when you are picking your spinning reel:

Learning About Spinning Reel Parts

The spinning device is interesting when mounted on the underside. Always ensure that you are picking the spinning reel that is simple to use. Moreover, also look for picking the reels that serve better for the beginning fishers. Always look for the reel foot, reel handle, line spool, spool release, reverse turn, lease, and drag and reel modification.

Body & Weight of Spinning Reel

Graphite or aluminum are the common compositions that you can find for the reel. Also, the Aluminium turns out to be solid and less flexible than graphite. Ask whether for you the strength or weight is more important. Aluminum bodies turn out to be the best performing freshwater reels. On the other hand, graphite serves as the best quality corrosion-resistant reels. Also, when you are picking these reels, ensure that no loose or sticky parts are available. Ensure that the unit can provide you with smooth output and no back play. 

Correct Reel Size 

The right reel size is an essential consideration in the choice of the reel. The lighter the line means the better and smaller the reel that you can choose. On the contrary, the highest pressure, as well as diameter on a rotary reel, must be based on the ten-pound test line. The 8-pound fishing line turns out to be the typical line strength. The best idea is to look for the unit that comes with the medium-sized reel with 6, 8, and 10 pounds lines.

The Ratio Of The Gear

Fishing reels available in multiple sizes gives you the needed advantage. Always pick the reel with the height of the line that you want. The spool in the spinning reels is mounted on rotating rolling reels. A 4:1 gear ratio turns out to serve as the low-speed reel. If you just wish to buy only one spinning reel, go for a medium-speed (5:1) model. To make things better, also you can pick the high-speed and low-speed reels. “Line retrieval” serves as the inch measurement. At each turn, you’ll have to pick the length of the line wrapped.

Belt Drag System

The drag mechanism on a rotating reel exerts pressure and lets line of fighting. Pay attention to choosing the ones that come with a flat, non-monstrous drag on the reel you buy. Without delay, the line can pull out at any torque that you set.


We’ve listed the most precisely designed spinning Reel Under $100 that can ensure offering you the advantage regardless of the type and the size of the fish that you wish to fish. Pick one of the most suitable reels for everyday use.

The remarkable part is that each of the reels that we’ve listed above is friendly for both beginners and experienced anglers. Having these reels ensures that you don’t have to face issues with handling them. Smooth running spinning reels that we’ve mentioned have the structural elements that can assist you all the time.

Moreover, the technical characteristics of the model help you in dealing with tough situations during fishing. You can easily distinguish how specially designed these reels are compared to the conventional pieces in the market. 

Finally, if you’re thinking about buying a new reel, be sure to check out our post on fishing reel types, the pros, and cons of a spinning reel vs baitcaster, as well as our detailed review on the Freshwater Spinning Reels Under $100.

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