Best Fishing Reel Brands & Their Most Popular Models In 2022

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 What is a Fishing Reel and How is It Useful?

A cylindrical device is attached to a fishing rod that can be used in stowing lines and winding. This is known as a fishing Reel.  The advanced type of fishing Reel can aid in casting for distance and accuracy along with retrieval of line.

Why Are Fishing Reel Important?

Fishing is a typical activity that various types of individuals from different parts of the world practice. It is fundamentally a movement wherein one catches fish by methods involving few instruments, such as fishing reels, casting poles, and obviously by methods for the component.

Fishing has spread immensely socially, just as financially. It ended up being one of the most well-known and mainstream occupations ever. Chasing fishes are a significant type of revenue in a broad scope of Indian families.

We will here look at the Most Popular & Reliable Fishing Reel Brands.

Best Fishing Reel Brands

List of Top 11 Best Fishing Reel Brands

  1. ​Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company
  2. ​​Daiwa Seiko Corporation
  3. ​​Pflueger
  4. ​​Abu Garcia
  5. ​​Shimano, Inc.
  6. ​​KastKing
  7. ​​Piscifun
  8. ​​Okuma Fishing Products
  9. ​​Cadence
  10. ​​Zebco
  11. 13 Fishing

1. Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company

​​Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company

A Brief History

This company offers an ideal type of fishing Reel. It is located in Philadelphia, USA. And it was established in the year 1941. The company has a big place in terms of fishing tools manufacturer. Since the early ’40s, they have been producing so top fishing tools. The thing to watch out for is the awesome product quality.

What They’re Known For

Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co. designs and produces fishing tools. The company provides reels, rods, combos, and other related products. Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg serves clients in the United States. As discussed above, they are known for their excellent product quality. It has its following and satisfied customers who are mostly the fishing community from all over the globe.

2. Daiwa Seiko Corporation

Daiwa Seiko Corporation

A Brief History

Daiwa Seiko Corporation is a top Japanese company that produces fishing tools, including the best types of fishing Reels. Daiwa Seiko Corporation was founded in the 1950s and went on to catch eyeballs pretty soon. They were able to change fishing forever and for good. These companies brought to the table new types of innovation that were unseen before.

What They’re Known For

Soon after its foundation, the company started to get recognized for its innovative solutions. They were the first to introduce a couple of innovations.  The fishing reels associated with this Japanese company provide a great feel and comfort. These fishing reels are considered the most advanced in the market to date.

3. Pflueger


A Brief History

In 1880 Ernest A. Pflueger began the Enterprise Manufacturing Company in Akron, Ohio, to make a fishing tackle.

In 1883 Ernest licensed the utilization of phosphoric paint on fake fishing lures, which lead to enormous development for their fishing draws and 50 more inventions.

The organization’s name was changed to E.A. Pflueger Company and became one of America’s biggest fishing gear producers.

The organization would proceed to build up the famous Pflueger Akron and the Summit projecting reels.

What They’re Known For

Pflueger is a world-famous company. It is known for three aspects.

  • Their focus on technology.
  • Attention to details
  • Innovative solutions.

Without Pflueger, we would miss dependable fishing tools that perform in the long run.

4. Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia

A Brief History

Piscifun was established in 2013 by Ben and Peter; the two dear companions have consistently had energy for fishing and family. This enthusiasm leads to the organization’s motto: “Fish with Family.” As a fishing brand devoted to offering high-caliber, moderate fishing gear, Piscifun endeavors to reduce dissemination expenses. With this procedure, clients worldwide can furnish themselves with top-notch fishing gear that won’t burn up all available resources. From 1921 to Today

In 1921, by the waterway of Mörrum in Svängsta, Sweden, Carl August Borgström established AB Urfabriken. The organization produced pocket watches, phone clocks, and taxi meters. Borgström was a splendid expert with light exactness designing, aptitudes he had gained during his years in the Halda watchmaking production line.

Lamentably, World War II caused a sharp decrease in the interest in taxi meters. Fearless, ABU diverted its aptitudes toward advancing the exactness of fishing reels utilized by fishermen the world over. That is why Abu Garcia later got the honor of being picked “Purveyor To The Royal Swedish Court,” a qualification given to a select gathering of producers for reliably surpassing its best expectations of value and craftsmanship.

Abu Garcia’s impact on the sportfishing network is unequaled. The organization remains immovably dedicated to keeping up its industry initiative by giving fishers wherever the most important, most creative items.

What They’re Known For

Critical Abu Garcia Milestones are:

1921 – AB Urfabriken is established as a watch manufacturing plant in Svängsta, Sweden

1941 – The central Abu Garcia fishing reel, the ABU Record® is presented

1952 – The world-renowned Ambassadeur® reel is presented

1954 – Abu Garcia® divulges the Ambassadeur® 5000 at the New York World’s Fair

1955 – The ABU 444, the organization’s first turning reel is delivered

1956 – The ABUMatic® is presented

1965 – The Cardinal® turning reel makes its introduction

1977 – The ABU historical center is opened in Svangsta, Sweden

1984 – The organization’s name is changed from ABU to Abu Garcia when an organization merchant in the US called Garcia was joined with ABU

2006 – The Revo® low profile bait cast reel surprises the calculating network

2009 – Abu Garcia discharges the V-Series of bars with the Vendetta® and Vengeance®

2010 – The principal Revo turning reel is presented with Revo Premier

2013 – The Revo Low Profile Family is totally updated to be lighter, more minimal, and all the more impressive.

5. Shimano


A Brief History

This company was established by Shozaburo Shimano in February 1921 and is headquartered in Sakai, Japan. It is well known for its innovation and its focus on new technology.

What They’re Known For

To date, Shimano, Inc. has been occupied with the turn of events, creation, and appropriation of bike segments, fishing boxes, and paddling types of gear. It works through the accompanying sections: Bicycle Components, Fishing Tackle, and Others.

The Bicycle Components fragment makes and sells derailleur gears, brakes, haggle related items. The Fishing Tackle portion incorporates reels, bars, and fishing gears. The Other fragment contains cold-fashioned items and paddling gear.

6. KastKing


A Brief History

Throughout the late spring of 2011, a couple of school pals at Syracuse University took a break from their MBA contemplates. Despite the fact that they had gone to Syracuse U. on full grants, they persevered through the standard individual monetary difficulties experienced by numerous undergrads. Being youthful and broke, they delighted in the outside decently well on the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. They went fishing.

For them, fishing appeared to be a compelling method to catch all that nature had to bring to the table and make enduring bonds. One thing they understood from the beginning – they were having a good time. With acquired fishing boxes and high-seeks after a fruitful catch, they invested the energy in the middle of nibbles, close to misses, and the particular case that will always be a nagging memory talking about their fantasies.

As the upbeat anglers got back to school life, things started to click. A new business thought was raised. “We have the instruction and preparing in money, online business, web innovation, venture frameworks, gracefully chain the board, and the best assembling rehearses,” they said with radiance in their eyes. “Imagine a scenario in which we utilize our insight and experience to make a fishing organization and make an amazing fishing box that everyone can bear.

With manufacturing plant direct sourcing and productive strategic policies… we could give the reserve funds to the buyer. At that point, any normal angler could appreciate the top-tier fishing supplies without using up every last cent. In the event that we can make fishing moderate, we will keep it fun!”

Their vision was satisfied after graduation. On March 15, 2013, Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc. was dispatched and consolidated in the State of New York. The organization’s name was drawn from E for web-based business and Poseidon, the legendary Greek god and leader of the oceans; Outdoor Adventure originated from the group’s thrilling Finger Lake fishing trips.

Things started to happen quickly. Eposeidon’s equation, E=M2C, Eposeidon rises to assemble to buyer, was starting to unfurl in a fantastic way. The industrial facility’s direct idea of wiping out mediators, for example, sending out/import specialists, cargo forwarders, stockroom merchants, and wholesalers in the graceful chain was working. Eposeidon kept costs route low by not taking care of the high overhead expenses of box-store retail space, customary promoting, and large corporation’s pay rates and commissions that are given to buyers in the item’s cost by different brands.

It was consistently about ease, not inferior quality, for the best item esteem. Accordingly, Eposeidon depends on providers in different nations to make the best quality assembling parts accessible. They utilized JIT (without a moment to spare) gracefully line strategies to keep a consistent progression of stock coming in, maintaining stock levels at an ideal, and activity costs down.

Under this idea, KastKing® was framed as a brand and division inside Eposeidon for house brand fishing reels, casting poles, fishing lines, and embellishments. The brand’s motto was authored; “KastKing® Keeps Fishing Fun.”

What They’re Known For

This company is all about making fishing a fun event. It strives to invent technology that makes fishing very easy. From the beginning days to this day, their fishing technology has influenced the way fishing is done. This USA-based company is just known for the excellent product quality it offers. And innovative solutions.

7. Piscifun


A Brief History

Piscifun was established in 2013 by Ben and Peter; the two dear companions have consistently had energy for fishing and family. This energy leads to the organization’s motto: “Fish with Family,” as a fishing brand committed to offering high-caliber, proper fishing gear, Piscifun endeavors to reduce down course expenses. With this procedure, clients worldwide can furnish themselves with great fishing gear that won’t use up every last cent.

What They’re Known For

Their prosperity depends on consistent dedication to the clients’ necessities. They are very centered around planning and creating what the clients need. They are committed to presenting the best and most financially savvy reels available today. To make extraordinary items, they work with Pro Fishermen everywhere in the world to pick up information and knowledge on what fishers need. This planning cycle guarantees that the customers are getting a first-class item.

They are committed to creating the most exceptional items and are not agreeable to helpless craftsmanship.

Their Slogan is ” Fishing with Family.”

8. Okuma Fishing Products

Okuma Fishing Products

A Brief History

Since 1986, Okuma Fishing Tackle Co. has been fabricating casting poles and reels in the outdoor supplies industry. The organization is situated in Taiwan, yet they are conveying their items worldwide because of the stunning presentation guaranteed with their poles and reels.

The brand had practical experience in sea and ocean fishing; Okuma has built up their items to move your energy for fishing, both on and off the water. The organization makes the most potent fishing encounters for fishers by making items that adjust to various fishing conditions, kinds of fish, and developments accomplished by fishers.

What They’re Known For

Okuma endeavors to convey a definitive fishing experience to everybody. To satisfy this mission, regularly, we try to make the best fishing reels and poles for our kindred fishermen. Tough, courageous, and comprehensive, we don’t spare a moment to take up new difficulties, yet we assemble an open and communitarian culture.

9. Cadence

A Brief History

The Cadence is a relatively new company that deals with fishing tools. It sells directly to the customers. And their service is excellent. Cadence believes in promoting and providing fishermen with a new innovative solutions.

What They’re Known For

Cadence Fishing Reel and other tools are known for making fishing simpler than ever. It is all about new technology and the greatest innovation. They have something for every fisher in any part of the world. Cadence, in simple words, empowers the fisherman with innovation and makes their life easier.

Cadence offers superior premium highlights at an incredible worth. We produce excellent component pressed turning reels, turning bars, and turning combos at reasonable costs to help you set aside your well-deserved cash. Rhythm Fishing turning reels, poles, and combos are fastidiously planned by long-lasting industry experts who realize execution fishing supplies.

Premium quality segments and materials joined with a careful assembling measure, finished off with comprehensive testing under the most specific conditions, is the recipe Cadence uses to deliver the absolute best turning reels, bars, and combos in the business.

10. Zebco


A Brief History

W.C. Bradley/Zebco Holdings, Inc. “Zebco Brands,” situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the leading advertiser of fishing supplies and outside stuff sold under an arrangement of brand names. The Zebco®, Rhino®, and Martin® brands contend in recreational freshwater bars and reels.

The Quantum®, Fin-Nor®, and Van Staal® brands are focused on energetic anglers from freshwater to seaward saltwater. The Cajun Line® brand contends in the fishing line, while the William Joseph™ and Badlands® brands give genuine packs and stuff to fly fishing and chasing separately. Zebco has been in the fishing industry since 1949 and was gained by the W.C. Bradley Co. in 2001.

In 2011, Zebco Brands obtained Zebco Sports Europe (, one of the most established and best makers of fishing supplies in Europe.

This move rejoined the two Zebco organizations and brands that were sold independently in 2001 and supports Zebco Brands’ worldwide development system. Preston Innovations was obtained by Zebco Brands in 2014.

Preston Innovations is the United Kingdom’s driving match fishing brand, just as having a developing presence in the coarse, carp, and snare sections of the market with its brands Korum, Avid Carp, and Sonubaits.

What They’re Known For

Zebco is a company known to fishers all over the world. When it comes to innovation, no other company can match Zebco. At Zebco, fishing is not only about catching fish.

It is all about getting started with fishing in the simplest possible manner. It makes fishing an activity that an entire community can participate in. Zebco fishing reels, as well as other products, are of top-notch quality.

11. 13 Fishing

13 Fishing

A Brief History

13 Fishing is a famous and young brand in the fishing Reel industry. Though only ten years of age, it has a large number of followers. And the product is most diverse. It was founded in 2010. This company is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, USA.

What They’re Known For

At 13 fishing, the innovation and production start with the angler and ends with the same. They can be noticed from the Gulf coast to the frozen lakes of Minnesota. They only care about the sole purpose that is making fishing simpler all over the globe with new innovations.

Any 13 fishing products can be an ideal example of innovation in fishing tools. The fishing reel of this company is the number one in advancement.

What to Look for in a Fishing Reel Brand?

Fishing is a prevalent activity. You can go fishing with your family, friends, and colleagues. In addition to this, fishing can also be an economic activity. Having said that, in 2022, fishing is all about new technology and innovation in fishing tools used. A fishing reel is a very important part of the fishing instrument.

The reel needs to be comparatively advanced and detailed in design. Without very in-depth research on what a fisherman needs, an ideal fishing reel is a distant dream.

You need to look at how innovative and detailed the fishing reel is! It should incorporate special adjustments for a particular demographic area.

Features of Fishing Reel Brands

After you are set to buy the fishing reel, you need to look for it!

  • The brand’s interest in making your job easier.
  • The longevity of the product is important. And an ideal fishing Reel brand offers fishing reels that last long.
  • A fishing reel brand needs to be innovative to provide the users with a fresh fishing experience.
  • An ideal fishing reel brand is necessarily not the very expensive one. The effectiveness of the fishing reel matters more.
  • A fishing Reel brand is recommended when it arrives to create fishing as an activity to be embraced by an entire community and not only to catch fish as an economic activity.

Wrapping It Up

Fishing is an activity that is popular in every part of the world. As it is a global activity, fishing tools are in demand, which is very obvious. There are many different kinds of fishing tools. In this article, we have discussed one essential part of fishing instruments, i.e., a fishing reel. As discussed above, it is a cylindrical device attached to the fishing rod to aid in winding and stowing lines.

Fishing reel from different brands is present in the market. Numerous companies offer dependable and innovative fishing reels. Fishing is not only a commercial activity; instead, it has its community of supporters. And there are some popular fishing reel brands that help fishers all over the globe.

This article covers 12 well-known fishing reel brands. They include Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company, Daiwa Seiko Corporation, etc., and the uniqueness of the fishing reel of each brand. We can notice that some fishing reel brands have impacted fishing like never before! With brands like Cadence, innovation goes to the level next.

But with all these fishing reel brands to consider, there comes a big question, and that is what to look for in a fishing Reel brand! The answer is quite simple. The fishing reel brand is as good as its innovation. The brand ought to pay attention to the details of the needs of a fisherman. The brand should try to make fishing a complete experience for a community.

The features of any Fishing reel brand are the longevity of the product, the innovation and technology, the desire to help the fisherman, and the changing fishing forever with technology.

Fishing Reel Reviews

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