Different Methods and Types of Fishing – A to Z Guide

You must be wondering how many types of fishing are there?. Here we are going to share all the possible methods of fishing that people are doing. has been technically proven that Adam and Eve have marked the beginning of the human race. Since then humans have been unstoppable, they have indulged themselves in several activities somehow or the other in order to get access to food. For that purpose, they have engaged themselves in several acts of hunting, farming, fishing, and the list continues.

Different Types Of Fishing

This indulgence into several activities of humans have reached great heights and is practically uncountable. Now that everything has evolved around us scientifically and technically, modernization has made an entry, there are still provinces of farming and fishing with the use of modern procedures and techniques in order to carry out their work with ease and comfort.

So, let us have a brief discussion about the most common types of fishing methods that have been practiced by men for ages. Let us not waste time and proceed further.

What is Fishing?

There have been quite a number of instances where people have tried to jump from one topic to the other without making their base clear about the topic they want to have an illustrated knowledge on. So firstly and primarily, we will be discussing the concept of fishing, it’s definitions, and various aspects.

Fishing is basically the technique of catching fish, either for selling them in the market or to directly cook them and eat. It is also a source of income for several people. This technique includes hand gathering, spearing, angling, trapping, and netting.

Though it involves various methods of catching fish, there are certain modern procedures yet to be introduced. Inclusion of catching aquatic animals and other fishes falls under fishing.

  • During summertime, successful fishing can be done during the late evening and in the early morning as well.
  • Generally, during springtime, it is desirable to hunt fishes around dusk for the best results.
  • In the southern parts of the US, you have full liberty to catch fishes throughout the year. Winter is the most favorable time for fishing.

The Most Popular Types of Fishing Explained:-

There have been several types of commercial fishing introduced in order to catch fish easily and rapidly. The most common types of fishing are described below. So let us go through all of it once and make an effort to understand the overall concept.

1. Freshwater Fishing

Fishes which spend their lives partially or fully in freshwater such as rivers, lakes, moreover less saline water, is commonly known as freshwater fishes. The fish needs to psychologically adapt itself in order to survive freshwater. Some people only hunt for freshwater fishes since their demand is high in markets and they are sold at a very high cost. Naturally, that is a grand profit for the fisherman. Therefore, freshwater fishing is always their first preference.

It is also true that if you are a beginner, freshwater fishing will be really great for you as you will have the opportunity to enjoy it from the shore as well from the land by using a simple tackle set up. But for freshwater fishing, it is mandatory to have your freshwater fishing license. You have to have sound knowledge about the basics as well. Then only, you will be permitted to perform this.

2. Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing is basically done on beaches, off rocks, from boats, and most commonly on salty water. During the last quarter of the 20th century, fly fishing in saltwater became quite trendy. Saltwater fishes generally originate from southeast Asia to Fuji to Kenya to Hawaii.

Saltwater tides are seen fluctuating on a daily basis. They are great contributors to determine the best saltwater fishing times. Not only that, but they also determine the best saltwater fishing areas depending upon tides.

It is pretty evident that saltwater fishing is done best during dawn or dusk if the weather and tidal movements are favorable. But, it is compulsory to have a license for that.

3. Ice Fishing

It is said that ice fishing is actually the practice or method where one catches fish with the use of lines, fish hooks, or spears through an opening in the ice on a frozen body of water. Ice fishing has several technicalities which makes it all the more complicated to understand.

The gear of ice fishing is basically specialized. In order to cut the hole of ice, ice auger or chisel, an ice saw must be used. The size of the hole is somehow dependent on the size of the fish. And in case these tools are not available, an axe will do the needful.

It is generally a very complicated process to carry out. One must have in-depth knowledge about it in total to be successful in this field.

4. Bank Fishing

Bank fishing is the most well known and traditional fishing methods. In this type, fishing is done from places where land meets the edge of the water. Bank fishing is performed by using casting fishing bait or lures in order to catch the fish. This method of fishing is mainly done by using a rod and reel but other things like nets, traps, spears, and fishing lines without rods can also be used.

The ones who do not do fishing using a boat know and understand the real advantages of bank fishing. Bank fishing has been a successful way of fishing because the fisherman has some local knowledge, understands the water depth, the bank structure, and also knows which type of bait and lures should be used.

Getting involved in bank fishing will help the fisherman to gain an enormous amount of knowledge and skills and also pay close attention to the important details that a boating angler may miss. Bank fishing also allows one to reach areas where boats cannot and also allows the fisherman to bear the cost of owning or hiring a boat.

5. Jigging and Spinning

When one practices fishing using a jig, it is termed as jigging. It is a kind of fishing lure. A jig mainly contains a lead sinker associated with a hook molded into it, which is in turn covered by a soft body to attract fish. Jigs have an intention to create a jerky, vertical motion based on opposition to spinnerbaits that move through the water in a horizontal manner.

Jigging spinning basically refers to rods that are made use of while fishing with jigs. It can either be bottom fishing or vertical jigging.

The particular angling technique wherein a spinning lure is used to attract the fish to bite is known as spin fishing. Spin fishing is common in both marine and freshwater environments. The open-faced reel and the closed face reel are the two types of reel used during spin fishing.

6. Surfcasting

Surfcasting is basically the method of fishing where fishes are caught from the shore, by casting into the surf. Artificial or natural bait is used to cast in the sea where waves break on a sea. It is usually a heavy-duty tackle. Surfcasting is done mainly in saltwater. There is a very common misconception prevalent about surfcasting for ages. One thinks that he should cast as far out as possible with the motive of reaching the fish. This is a very wrong conception.

But, I would like to enlighten you all with a certain fact that surfcasting includes a lot of danger. It has been seen that surf fishing is done through rough whitewater. Powerful waves might lead to some severe injuries and can even take away your life. Therefore, proper protection and care need to be ensured.

7. Trolling

Trolling may be defined as the method of fishing where one or more fishing lines are dragged through the water. It is either baited with lures or baitfish. There is often a phonetic confusion of trolling with trawling. The trawl is a different method of fishing which we shall not discuss.

If we are trolling from a moving boat, it passes slowly through the water. This method can also be performed by using a special trolling motor. At times, multiple lines are also used. Trolling is a method that is mainly made to use during recreational and commercial fishing. On the other hand, trawling is only used for commercial fishing purposes.

8. Droplinning

Dropline is actually a commercial fishing device. This type of fishing is basic methods where one can catch fishes which reside on or near the seafloor. It is a very simple process which needs little gear and a few crew. In Droplining, basically an anchor is associated with a mainline at the respective end and afloat at the other end.

It will have a long fishing line inclining down towards the water, and there will be a hook attached to the snood. It is to be noted that drop lines are either set down underwater cliffs or just in the column of water. Their weight is concentrated at the bottom of the line and afloat at the top.

9. Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a method where an angling method uses a light-weight lure to catch fish. It is called an artificial fly. Fly fishing is common in both freshwater and saltwater. North Americans often differentiate between the species belonging to cold water and hot water.

The fly fishing method can be described by the transfer of impulse, the product of mass, and the speed through the rod from the base. The direction of the cast is determined at the very moment when the rod tip reaches its highest velocities.

Well, the type of casts used for fishing is variable depending upon conditions. One of the most well known and common cast is the forward cast. Here, the angler whisks the fly up in the air, back over the shoulder until the line is almost straight. After that, the angler has to forward it using the forearm mainly

10. Spearfishing

Spearfishing is an age-old process performed by millions of people through generations. In ancient times, people used to catch fish through spears. So, they used to be very much accustomed to the procedure.

In recent times, spearfishing is done through the use of elastic power Spearguns and slings, or compressed gas pneumatic powered Spearguns, to strike the hunted fish. There have been quite a number of techniques introduced for various types of aquatic environments and target fish. This type of fishing can be done through various techniques like scuba diving, skydiving, snorkeling, etc. But in some countries, spearfishing using scuba equipment is illegal.

11. Bowfishing

Bowfishing is a procedure or method of fishing that uses archery instruments to shoot and catch the fish. Bowfishers generally shoot the fish with a barbed arrow. The barbed arrow is attached with a special line to a reel mounted on the bow. Some freshwater species that are bow fished include common carp, grass carp, bighead carp, alligator gar, bowfin, etc. At times, Bowfishing involves crossbow since it is really advantageous.

Even arrows are used. The main characteristics of bow fishing arrows are, they are heavier and stronger in nature compared to other types of archery arrows. Bowfishing lines are commonly made up of braided nylon, Spectra, or dacron.

12. Kayak Fishing

Kayak is actually a means of transport and a medium to explore fishing grounds. Kayak was not really well known in ancient times. Recently, it has managed to gain some popularity. Sportfishing from kayaks has become highly famous.

The indigenous people living in Arctic regions have contributed to the original development of the kayak. Formerly, kayaks used to be made from thick animal skins. For example, seals stretched over a wooden frame made from collected driftwood, since many of the areas of their construction had no trees. Archaeological facts as well as archaeologists have successfully proven that kayaks are 4000 years old.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that the above-mentioned discussion has really been helpful to you all and served you good. I hope that I have made you understand properly the most common fishing types through my write-up. Keep asking me questions. I will be glad to answer them consequently.

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